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Long Island :: Terraserver Aerial View

  • LONG ISLAND , sacred island of Nation of Cherokee . National registerd landmark.
  • Long Island: 4 miles long. averages 1/2 mile wide.
  • Holston river called Hogohegee.
  • Part of the Cherokee Nation hunting grounds. Abounding in animal life and pristine forest. Because rivers flowed to the great seas, they held spirtual meaning for the Indians who believed that the great islands in these holy waterways were place to rest and a refuge for man and best and that all "talks" or treaties held on the Island were blessed by the Great Spirit.
  • Long Island was a sacred place where "talk-talks" made peace with tribes who infringed on their hunting grounds.
  • Great Indian Warrior Path from ancient migration from Georgia and Alabama through East Tennessee to Long Island of Holston where it divided with the main northeast trail leading to Pennsylvania through VA. Another branch turned north from long island up the North Fork Holston River to Ohio. Path throught Virginia and Tennessee became known as the Great Trading Path. Another Indian path used by Cherokees in dry weather left the Great Path, crossed the Long Island and traveled in a southwestern direction in shorter route to the Cherokee towns but only usable in dry weather.
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