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    Daniel Boone Marker Church Circle Kingsport

    Battle of Island Flats marker located corner Memorial and Center.

    TN The Bachman-Martain-Dobyns home is located at 1434 Watauga Street. The plantation farm house was built in 1878.

    Historical Markers in Kingsport TN

    1 TN Hawkins Boatyard Historic District SW of Kingsport on Holston and South Fork of Holston River Kingsport 1973-12-12

    2 TN Sullivan Boatyard Historic District SW of Kingsport on Holston and S. Fork of Holston River Kingsport 1973-12-12

    3 TN Sullivan Church Circle District Center of Kingsport, along Sullivan Street. Kingsport 1973-04-11

    4 TN Sullivan Clinchfield Railroad Station 101 East Main St. Kingsport 1973-04-24

    5 TN Sullivan Grass Dale 774 Bloomingdale Pike Kingsport 1984-10-25

    6 TN Sullivan Hall, Alexander Doak, Farm 440 Proffitt Lane. Kingsport 1995-07-28

    7 TN Sullivan Johnson, J. Fred, House 1322 Watauga Avenue. Kingsport 1973-04-11

    8 TN Sullivan Long Island of the Holston South fork of the Holston River Kingsport 1966-10-15

    9 TN Sullivan Looney, Moses, Fort House (Possible 5436) 567 Island Road. another location Kingsport 1978-01-18

    10 TN Sullivan Mount Ida 1010--1012 Sevier Terrace Drive. Kingsport 1973-04-02

    11 TN Sullivan Netherland Inn and Complex 2144 Netherland Inn Road. Kingsport 1969-12-23

    12 TN Sullivan Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church Stone Dr. (Hwy. 11W) and Afton Kingsport 1973-10-02

    13 TN Sullivan Pearson Brick House East of Kingsport on Shipley Ferry Rd. Kingsport 1973-04-11

    14 TN Sullivan Pierce Chapel AME Church Cemetery Seaver Rd. at Horse Creek Rd. Kingsport 2000-07-14 Rural African-American Churches in Tennessee MPS

    15 TN Sullivan Preston Farm 4812 Orebank Road. Kingsport 1971-09-03

    16 TN Sullivan Rock Ledge 117 Stuffle Pl. Kingsport 1978-05-24

    17 TN Sullivan Roseland S of Kingsport on Shipp Street. Kingsport 1973-04-02

    18 TN Sullivan Spring Place NW of Kingsport on West Carter's Valley Rd., off US 23 Kingsport 1973-04-11

    19 TN Sullivan Stone-Penn House 1306 Watauga Street. Kingsport 1984-11-15

    20 TN Sullivan Wills-Dickey Stone House NW of Kingsport off U.S. 23 on West Carter's Valley Rd. Kingsport 1973-03-30

    21 TN Sullivan Yancey's Tavern E of Kingsport on TN 126 Kingsport 1973-04-11


    Being referenced: http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/TN/Sullivan/state.html

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