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Kingsport Tennessee
It is all about seeing it as it may have been.
I have always wanted to see original Kingsport. Thus, these snapshots are historically imagined. Enjoy a slower day. Visit a few spots in Kings Port. Visit a few places before the name Kings Port was applied to this area.

Updated: 03.18.21

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    From The Southeast :: Kingsport Tennessee Bays Mountain
    From the Southeast ::
    Bays Mountain
    Kingsport Tennessee

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    Base from North :: Kingsport Tennessee Bays Mountain
    Base of Bays from North ::
    Bays Mountain
    Kingsport Tennessee

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    Bays Mountain : Bays Mountain is a nature preserve owned and operated by the city of Kingsport, Tennessee. The facilities include the 3000 acre outdoor classroom, a 44 acre lake, and a nature center/museum, inside of which is a planetarium with a 40 foot diameter dome. The park programs are a favorite of local school children who have visited from 33 counties and 5 states.

    Bays Mountain Park, one of the the country's largest city owned parks, is nestled in the northeastern end of the Bays Mountain formation only a few miles from downtown Kingsport. "Framed on all sides by mountain ridges, much of the park lies in a natural basin and is a protected haven for wildlife. Open all year, Bays Mountain beckons visitors to enjoy various activities through all seasons. A leisurely walk in the Spring may reveal over 60 kinds of wildflowers as you hear a distant grouse drumming on a log to call for a mate. Autumn in the southern Appalachians is not to be missed. Maples, sourwoods, and tulip trees come ablaze with color as migrating waterfowl pause on our lake during their southward journey. The quiet snows of winter invite cross country skiers to test their skills on our 25 miles of trails, spotting deer and wild turkey as they go. Truly, Bays Mountain Park, with something for everyone, is a park for all seasons." Bays Mountain

    See the Wolves in the natural Wolf habitat. Also see Deer, Bobcats, Otters, Raccoons, Birds and Turtles. Also take barge ride on the mountain-top lake, and hike or bike the many miles of hiking and biking trails.

    Read about the History of Bays Mountain here.

    Visit here.

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