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The following is based on Census 2000 data

Working Class
Based on data from the year 2000, the median household income in Kingsport is $30,524 with family income averaging $40,183. The median income for male full-time year-round workers is $33,075 which is $9,858 above that of their female co-workers.

Kingsport has a working class of 18,764, representing 52.5% of the city's 35,770 total population of 16 years and older.
The workers are spread across the following occupations:
Management, professional, and related occupations 34.0%
Service occupations 15.2%
Sales and office occupations 27.5%
Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations 0.2%
Construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations 9.1%
Production, transportation, and material moving occupations 13.9%

Of the 16,941 workers in Kingsport that commute, 95.2% drive while 0.1% use public transportation. Walking and other means account for another 2.3% of commuting and the final 2.3% work from their home.

The unemployment rate as of the year 2000 was 5.83%.

Industry in Kingsport is divided into the following groups:
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining 0.4%
Construction 7.7%
Manufacturing 20.7%
Wholesale trade 3.7%
Retail trade 13.5%
Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 2.9%
Information 1.9%
Finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing 5.6%
Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services 6.8%
Educational, health and social services 18.7%
Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services 10.0%
Other services (except public administration) 5.1%
Public administration 2.7%

Poverty Statistics
  • 14.2% of families in Kingsport are below the poverty level.
  • Of families with no husband present, 42.3% fall under this category.
  • 7,420 individuals live in Kingsport, of which 17.1% are poverty-stricken.
  • Of those 65 years and older, 13.0% are below the poverty level.

Quick Facts

Kingsport, Tennessee

Population: 44,905
Elevation: 1208 ft.
Latitude: 36d 32'54" N
Longitude: 82d 33'43" W

Sullivan County, Tennessee

County Seat: Blountville
Founded: 1779
Population (2000): 153,048
Area: 413 sq. mi.

State of Tennessee

Tennessee State Flag
Tennessee Flag
Tennessee State Seal Tennessee State Quarter
Tennessee Seal Tennessee Quarter

Statehood: June 1, 1796
(16th State)
Constitution: Online Version

Geography and Politics

State Capital: Nashville


State Nickname: Volunteer State
State Motto: Agriculture and Commerce
State Song: My Homeland, Tennessee
Written by Nell Grayson Taylor
State Flower: Iris
State Bird: Mockingbird
State Tree: Yellow poplar
(Liriodendron tulipifera)
License Plate: Tennessee
Kingsport, TN
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Kingsport, TN
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The following is based on Census 2000 data

As of 2000, Kingsport's population was estimated to be 44,905.
The racial breakdown of Kingsport:
White 93.32%
Black or African American 4.22%
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.24%
Asian 0.79%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.02%
Some other race 0.34%
Mixed race 1.06%

Language / Place of Birth
English is the only language spoken at home for 97.1% of Kingsport's population aged 5 years and older. The remaining 2.9% speak a different language; that figure includes 1.0% who do not speak English very well.

Citizens native to the U.S. account for 97.9% of Kingsport's population. The other 926 are foreign-born and make up 2.1% of the city population. The regional breakdown of those who are foreign-born is as follows:
Europe 35.4%
Asia 26.2%
Africa 2.6%
Oceania 0.0%
Latin America 21.2%
Northern America 14.6%
Non-citizens make up 1.1% of the city's population.

Residency since 1995
In the five years between 1995 and 2000, 53.6% of Kingsport's population remained in the same house and 28.1% moved but stayed in the same county. Those that moved to a different county but stayed in-state account for 8.2% of Kingsport's population, while 9.2% came from outside the state line. The remaining 0.9% moved from elsewhere.

Other Demographics
  • 9,318 people in the city of Kingsport are enrolled in school. Elementary school children, grades 1-8, account for 51.9%, High school students grades 9-12 make up 23.3%, and 13.2% are enrolled in college. The remaining students are in Kindergarten or lower.
  • Of Kingsport's population 25 years and older, 76.5% have at least a high school or greater education, and 23.6% have received a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • The divorce rate of population 15 years and over is 14.8%.
  • Civilian veterans make up 15.4% of Kingsport's 18 and over population.
  • Within the age group 21 to 64, 42.0% of those with a disability are employed while 72.3% of those without disabilities are employed.

Recreation / Attractions

Sullivan County is home to a host of recreation activities including

National Scenic Byways in Tennessee:

Professional Sports Teams in Kingsport:

Visitor's Guide / Travel Info

Visit the Kingsport Official Website.

For information on Kingsport, visit Kingsport, Tennessee guide

The following state webpages may by useful:

Government and Politics
County Officials

Currently, the following people hold county-level offices in Sullivan County:

  • Assessor of Property: Bob Icenhour
  • Clerk & Master: Sarah Housewright
  • County Clerk: Jeanie Gammon
  • County Commissioner: Clyde Groseclose
  • County Commissioner: Eddie Williams
  • County Commissioner: Garth Blackburn
  • County Commissioner: Jack Sitgreaves
  • County Commissioner: James Brotherton
  • County Commissioner: James King Jr.
  • County Commissioner: Joe Herron
  • County Commissioner: John Crawford
  • County Commissioner: Larry Hall
  • County Commissioner: Linda Brittenham
  • County Commissioner: Marvin Hyatt
  • County Commissioner: R. Wayne McConnell
  • County Commissioner: Randy Morrell
  • County Commissioner: Ray Conkin
  • County Commissioner: William McKamey
  • County Commissioner, District: Dennis Houser
  • County Commissioner, District: Elliott Kilgore
  • County Commissioner, District: Howard Patrick
  • County Commissioner, District: Mark Vance
  • County Commissioner, District: Michael Surgenor
  • County Commissioner, District: O. W. Ferguson
  • County Commissioner, District: Ralph Harr
  • County Commissioner, District: Samuel Jones
  • County Mayor: Richard Venable
  • Register of Deeds: Mary Lou Duncan
  • Sheriff: Wayne Anderson
  • Trustee: Frances Harrell

U.S. Congress

Tennessee holds 9 congressional seats.


State Congress

Currently, the following people hold state-level offices:

  • Governor: Phil Bredesen (D) (Read the Bio) Website
  • Attorney General: Paul G. Summers (D)
  • Comptroller of the Treasury: John G. Morgan ()
  • Lt. Governor: John S. Wilder (D)
  • Secretary of State: Riley C. Darnell (D)
  • Treasurer: Dale Sims ()

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State Departments

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