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Kingsport Tennessee
It is all about seeing it as it may have been.
I have always wanted to see original Kingsport. Thus, these snapshots are historically imagined. Enjoy a slower day. Visit a few spots in Kings Port. Visit a few places before the name Kings Port was applied to this area.

Updated: 03.18.21

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    Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail : Kingsport Tennessee : The Starting Point

    Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail :
    Page 53 Muriel Millar Clark Spoden : Kingsport Heritage - The Early Years 1700-1900

    Colonel Henderson then hired Daniel Boone to cut the Kentucky Wilderness Road. Boone left the proceedings at Sycamore Shoals before any of the land deals were settled and traveled to the Long Island of the Holston to meet his party of thirty axemen. Boone, heavily in debt, received not only pay to widen and clear the old Indians paths and buffalo trails he knew so well, but also received 2,000 acres of choice Kentucky land.
    Boone and his men mounted their horses and departed from the Long Island on March 10, 1775. Before their first night's camp they killed a bear and "had a fine supper." Boone again carved the "cilled a bar", the date, and his name in a tree located in Kingsport's present-day Preston Forest section opposite Indian Path Hospital. when the tree died the Preston-Stuart family preserved the carved section of the tree.
    Among the axemen in Boone's party were Captain William Twitty with his negro servant, James Peeke, William Hicks, Thomas Johnson, James Bridges, John Hart, Samuel Coburn, and Felix Walker. Before reaching Boonesborough, Kentucky, Captain Twitty and his negro servant were killed by Indians. Felix Walker was badly wounded but survived. Boone's party was highly excited about this adventure. Their expectations are reflected in the words of young Felix Walker who wrote that, "Every heart abounded with joy and excitement in anticipating the new things we should see, and the romantic scene through whcih we must pass."

    ['Walkers Memories'. Boone's Kentucky Wilderness Road went from the Long Island to Reedy Creek Valley (Kingsport), north nearly following the present-day Wadlow Gap Road to Mocassin Gap (Gate City), then west to Cumberland Gap, and northwest to Booneborough, Kentucky.]

    Coming Soon: The complete Tennessee Journey of the Wilderness Trail with map and 19 historical locations. GPS coordinates. Click For Map

  • Reedy Creek Road - KY Road - Bloomingdale Pike
  • Hughes-Pendleton House
  • King's Mill Fort Site
  • Roberts House and Massacare Site
  • Fain Plantation - Arcadia
  • Reedy Creek/KY Road to Daniel Boone Trail
  • Thompson House - Red House Tavern
  • Rock Ledge House
  • Crump-Welsh-Stuffle House
  • Grassdale-Groseclose Mansion
  • Great Indian Warpath Monument
  • Mount Ida - Sevier Mansion
  • Boatyard Methodist Church and Graveyard
  • Patton Store
  • Long Island
  • Netherland Inn
  • Hoffman House
  • Ross - Thomas House
  • Boatyard Presbyterian Church

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