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Read More here about the Kingsport Starting Point
of the famous Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail
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Discover Kingsport Tennessee
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Discover Kingsport TN Discover Kingsport Tenn Discover Kingsport Tennessee Discover Kingsport Tennessee

100 Year Celebration
1917 - 2017
200 Year 1822 - 2022

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Kingsport Tennessee
It is all about seeing it as it may have been.
I have always wanted to see original Kingsport. Thus, these snapshots are historically imagined. Enjoy a slower day. Visit a few spots in Kings Port. Visit a few places before the name Kings Port was applied to this area.

Updated: 03.18.21

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    New Images Netherland Inn  Historically Imagined 

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    24th February 2023: Visit www.danielboonetrail.com.
    Read More here about the Kingsport Starting Point
    of the famous Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail

    NEW! *** UPDATE See new historical update showing William King is how Kingsport got its name. March 18 2021 Follow This Link

    NEW! Read about the Battle of Island Flats from new 2018 essay. Key areas of history from Dickson Elementary School woods westward. Download HERE..[Dickson Video]

    The first celebration of Independence Day, July 4, 1776, took place at Fort Patrick Henry...Click here

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    ALSO you can enjoy more history at "You Know You Grew Up in Kingsport If.." Facebook page : Click here..

    Also Visit : Kingsport Historical Society Videos
    And : Kingsport100.org Enjoy Kingsport's Centennial
    Enjoy Kingsport Archives photographs posted by Kingsport Archive Manager Brianne Johnson Wright pinterest.com/kptarchives

    'Chief' the Eagle flies once more over the Holston River
    and the Cherokee Nation's Long Island

       Before / After : Imagine Kingsport 300 years ago... :)

    HAPPY SPRING 2021 !
    August 21 2021 is our 199th Anniversary for the first City Charter 1822

    Be a part of :
    King's Port On The Holston
    The planning of the new waterfront. more...
    See the Flatboat Reconstruction.
    New extension of Greenbelt Walkway is completed.
    New building additions added beside Netherland Inn.
       DiscoverKingsport.com Kingsport Centennial 1917 to 2017
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    2016 Kingsport Collector Calendar
    The Mountain, The River, The City
    Find at : I Love Books Bookstore
    Kingsport Town Center / Fort Henry Mall
    ...423.378.5859 : Beside JCPenneys upper level

    Click to get your Calendar :) 2016
    Kingsport Calendar 2016
    Lloyd's Car Shop Honda Specialists 


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    NEW Aerial Kingsport

    Throughout the years known as The Model City :: Kingsport Tennessee
    NEW Interstate I-26 Exit Numbers
    Exit 1 at 11W and I-26
    Exit 3 to Meadowview Conference Center
    Exit 4 to Wilcox Drive and Meadowview Conference Center
    Exit 8 is the new I-26 Exit
    at the Interstate 81 junction.

    Kingsport TN Exit 8 Sign Interstate 26 

and 81Kingsport TN Exit 4 Sign 

Interstate 26 and 81
  • Bays Mountain, Holston River,Greenbelt Path.
  • Here is a list of Local Websites.

  • GPS Coordinates: Kingsport is located
    at 36°32'13?N, 82°32'32?W

  • Find 'I Love Kingsport'
        and more Souvenirs Here.

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    Learn about the Gray Fossil Site Museum

    USAirways Magazine Kingsport Tennessee TN
  • DiscoverKingsport.com would like to honor Dan Crowe who passed away December 1, 2005. Part of my inspiration in the back of my heart was to develop this site to fulfill a regret I had in High School. Coach Crowe allowed me lots of out-of-class time to work on a video project about the history of Tennessee Eastman. It turned out that the school television equipment could not handle the project due to the new studio being constructed. I wanted to let him know that his influence as a teacher and a gentleman was not forgotten. You may read about Dan Crowe's influence in our community here.
  • Thank you Dan Crowe. I look forward to seeing you again.
  • Please email Historical Signs/Marker Information Here
  • We are looking for any Historical Sign or Marker in the Kingsport Tennessee area. At this time there is no record of all these historical areas. The list will be made available at the Chamber of Commerce, Netherland Inn/Exchange Place Association and Internet for the public.
  • Thank you for your assistance.
  • Historical Markers in Kingsport

    Looking Down The River :: Kingsport Tennessee Netherland Inn
    From the Southeast ::
    Bays Mountain
    Kingsport Tennessee

    View Today
    View Then

    Hitchup Time :: Kingsport Tennessee ExchangePlace
    Hitchup Time ::
    Kingsport Tennessee

    View Then

    Coming Up On The Inn 

:: Kingsport Tennessee Netherland Inn
    Coming Up On The Inn ::
    Netherland Inn
    Kingsport Tennessee


    View Then

    South Long 

Island :: Kingsport Tennessee Holston River
    South (East) Long Island ::
    Holston River
    Kingsport Tennessee

    View Today
    View Then

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